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“What’s the difference between Futsal and Soccer?”
Soccer has always been an addictive sport in Singapore amongst all ages. The sport keeps one’s mind on the edge and gives the body a full workout.

Futsal is another variation of soccer, played with 5 to 7 players a-side depending on pitch size. This game is already a rising trend and getting more popular in Singapore. Netting and shelters provide a comfortable game of soccer with friends and family!


“But what does ‘GOLAZO’ mean?”
Not commonly used here in Singapore (We are bringing in the new exciting lingo here!), the Spanish expression defines an amazing and collossal goal.


“Who are the guys behind Golazo Futsal Singapore(GFS) and what services do they provide?”
The team who brought in GFS here are avid players of futsal themselves, they know what the players want (and of course, willing to listen to other players as well). The team strives to create a place where all families, friends and colleagues can gather, laugh, enjoy and exercise.

GFS provides one of the most comfortable sheltered futsal pitches in Singapore. With a total of 4 five-a-side futsal courts, the area is located on an unblocked area with superb ventilation. We know what you are going to ask next, and yes, bathing facilities and parking are available for free! Everyone in the public can come over and enjoy a game of ‘Live’ soccer too!


The Golazo Team

** Should you need any further information, feel free to contact us below. See you at the turf and get your boots ready!

Golazo Futsal Singapore

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21 Jurong West Street 23,
Singapore 648196 (Beside Corporation Primary School)

Opening Hours: 9 a.m.

Phone: 6794 6625
SMS: 9825 6625 (Input your Name, NRIC, Date, Time and Duration of your game)
E-mail: business@golazo.com.sg

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